Oukeen Asad

Architectural Assistant
OA 2023

Oukeen began his architectural education at the University of Kingston graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture Degree, further enhancing it with a Masters degree from the University of Brighton.

Oukeen is currently engaged with the Axiom team on a prominent project: a 12-storey Premier Inn Hotel located in Harrow. Beyond this, Oukeen maintains a strong interest in the evolving nexus of AI and architecture, with a particular focus on advancements in 3D modelling via Vectorworks. He is interested in finding ways using AI to speed up the process of developing 3D models in Vectorworks. Concurrently, Also on the side Oukeen takes pride in contributing to the local community through small local residential projects and small land developments.

On a personal note, Oukeen is passionate about traveling, always eager to explore diverse cultures and their culinary offerings. If Oukeen is not working he is probably out traveling, soaking up different cultures, and yes, hunting down the best local eats. And if you ever want to chat football, he's your guy!