St. Martins London

2012 110 St. Martins Lane

The Brief


Axiom Architects gained planning permission for St. Martins Lane in October 2012.

Design & Build

Axiom Architects were novated over to the main contractor (McAleer & Rushe) in June 2013 to continue as Project Architect to lead the team throughout the build. The works started in September 2013 and the hotel opened in November 2014. The project involved the conversion and extension of an existing seven storey, 1980’s, commercial office building into a new 163-bed hotel and associated F&B facilities right in the heart of London’s West End. This hotel was the first of Whitbread’s’ new format hotel ‘hub by Premier Inn’. A new generation of compact, smart tech, modern city centre hotels. It’s about taking the comfort, convenience and consistency of a Premier Inn hotel and putting it into a smaller package. With a smaller bedroom (starting at 11.4sqm) meticulously developed over three years of intensive market research and through smart design this hotel has become a leader in showcasing Whitbread’s new brand. Hub by Premier Inn Covent Garden also became the first UK hotel to achieve an ‘outstanding’ BREEAM rating. With a score of 86.7% at the interim design stage and then 90.5% at the post construction stage. In order to reach this score consideration had to be given to every aspect of the project by all involved in the project from day one right through to completion. With high scores obtained across all credit categories including the maximum score in the management, transport and materials categories this project demonstrates how buildings can become truly sustainable.

The Results