Project Overview
Pool House
East Sussex
Design of a private indoor swimming pool and seating area with extensive openable glazing.
Current Status
Planning Submitted

The proposed site within the domestic curtilage of a former farm, proposals sought to marry the agricultural and the domestic through its use of materials and refinement of detail.

Following a simple pitched roof form, an expressed steel portal frame provided a 10m x 18m column free space whilst maximising height internally. Extensive sliding glazing allowed the corners and south elevation of the building to be opened up, enjoying panoramic views of the countryside and allow natural cross ventilation. Maintaining the same paving internally and externally blurred the boundary between inside and out.

Reflecting the local vernacular, locally sourced Chailey brick, Keymer clay tiles and chestnut cladding also minimised the building’s carbon footprint. Sliding external shutters create shadow and depth within the façade whilst allowing control over solar gains, privacy and potential night time light pollution.